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” Since moving to Greenfields in 2009 I have been collecting plants with good sensory properties and those which thrive in my garden.  Many are old favourites, bringing back memories from my life.  A  selection of reliable plants, with wonderful characteristics  I encourage you to discover for yourself” Susan

The Plant List 2016 Main Menu is the list of plants which will be available for sale sometime between March and October.

Summer Flavours are annuals and tender plants sold between May and September.

In addition new varieties and small quantities of familiar favourites appear on the Specials Board, as stock is raised to trial or renew the reference garden.

The A5 printed plant list (Main Menu and Summer Flavours with descriptions) can be collected from Events and The Nursery. Click on the link to view or download a pdf version A4 Main Menu 2016.

Simple list of names (alphabetical by common or latin) can be viewed online.