Living herb plants, with simple care needs, offer the convenience of a regular supply of intense complex flavours, visual interest, texture, fragrance, vitamins and minerals.

Invicta Herbs grows culinary and useful plants on the family smallholding in Kent. The sustainable growing regime ensures edible parts of plants remain safe to be eaten.

Selection for the types of plant, even the best source of the propagation material to sell, is made from experience of growing, harvesting and cooking with the herbs. Those with good flavour, vigour for continuous cutting and a constitution to thrive in the UK, are added to ‘The Main Menu’, and offered for sale between March and October. In addition, tender and short lived plants are listed in The Summer Flavours Collection. Starting from the provenance of plant material, then working naturally with the seasons to produce balanced root & shoot formation and full flavour development means that each pot will provide a long period of fresh living flavour.

Invicta Herbs attends Food Fairs, Plant Fairs, Farmers’ Markets and other Events across the South East. Plants are sold through Farm Shops in Kent and across the UK via the online shop.